Manual Therapy Workshop

3 Months Certificate in Orthopedic Manual Therapy


Yes ! we help new Physio becoming industry ready professional, who can work as successful clinician and make their clients satisfied by offering accurate assessment & diagnosis with cost effect time saving treatment, and help their practice grow and eventually become rich & the famous professional in the area of practice.

Upcoming Dates


Pravara, Loni

3rd to 10th December 2023

Seats Full

32000/- + GST 


Mumbai, Maharashtra

17th to 24th December 2023

Seats Full

32000/- + GST 


Ahmedabad, Gujarat

21st to 28th January 2024

Early Bird Open

32000/- + GST 


KAHER, Belagavi, Karnataka

9th to 16th February 2024

Early Bird Open

32000/- + GST 


Pune, Maharashtra

13th to 20th March 2024

Early Bird Open

32000/- + GST 


About The Workshop

We are confident in giving above bold statement, after successfully training more than 15,000 physios from more than 52 countries in last 25 years. This helped us knowing cross cultural changes and limitations of clinical practice, one need to adopt while delivering effective Manual Therapy to their client.

We have successfully treated more than 100,000 patients in last 30 years, and realised over time, that every manual concept has its own weakness and strength. Therefore in last 30 years of practice, while staying within the principles of Manual Therapy & Biomechanics, we have modified, developed various manual therapy techniques which are part of this integrated Manual therapy workshop. These techniques were tested and retested in our clinical setup on various clients and further modified as per requirement to get the best outcome.  

Integrated manual therapy is amalgamation of various established manual therapy concepts created by legends of manual therapy. The examination & treatment process developed by Dr. Deepak Kumar & His team at Capri Institute of Manual Therapy (CIMT) draws on the work of various NUMERO UNO in Manual Therapy like Mulligan, Butler, Edwards, Elvey, Maitland, McConnell, McKenzie, Shacklock, and several taping concepts. To save time & energy, we have picked up the result oriented, best techniques, out of all the various Manual Therapy Concepts, and modified them further if required.  

Capri strongly believes that a successful clinician’s foundation lies in strong and accurate orthopedic assessment to deliver qualitative and appropriate treatment. This comprehensive Hybrid mode of 3 months’ Certificate course in orthopedic Manual Therapy (3 months’ online + 8 Days’ Hands on training), COMT course lays strong emphasis on orthopedic manual therapy to provide clinicians with intensive tuition to perform an accurate and specific manual therapy examination according to the patient’s needs.

We inculcate in the clinicians the art of subjective and physical examination from Manual Therapy point of view rather than spoon feeding the therapist with a dead-end protocol. We believe every patient is unique; the complaints are unique and should be assessed uniquely. The skill lies in the fingertips and we help to exploit this talent!

Syllabus Covered


  • Clinical Anatomy, Patho-anatomy, Aging & Injury of spine.
  • Biomechanics of Spine
  • Biomechanical Principles of Manual Therapy
  • Indications & contraindication of Manual Therapy
  • Principle of Subjective Examination, Clinical Reasoning process
  • Introduction to Manual Therapy (Integrated approach)
  • Palpation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Documentation of clinical findings
  • Hand posture and skills.
  • Contact points of manipulators hand

Manual Therapy

Assessment and Mobilization using Integrated Approach)

Assessment, segmental examination & treatment using integrated approach based on the work of (Mulligan, Maitland, McKenzie, McConnell, Butler, Elvey, Edwards, Kinesio, chiropractic and Osteopathy).

Principles, Palpations, Segmental assessment, Diagnosis & Planning of appropriate technique for :

  1. Cervical Spine,
  2. Thoracic Spine,
  3. Lumbar Spine,
  4. Sacroiliac Joint,
  5. Temporomandibular Joint,
  6. Shoulder Joint,
  7. Elbow Joint,
  8. Joints of Wrist & Hand,
  9. Hip Joint,
  10. Knee Joint,
  11. Joints of Foot & Ankle.
  12. Home management (self-mobilization).
  13. Use of various treatment belt & straps for stabilization & mobilisation.


  • Principles & Biomechanics of Neural Tissue Mobilization.
  • Palpations of different Nerves at different sites in upper & lower extremities, Assessment, Diagnosis, Neurodynamics tests for Median Nerve, Ulnar Nerve, Radial Nerve, Sciatic Nerve, Femoral Nerve, Lateral Cutaneous Nerve, Obturator Nerve, Tibial Nerve, Peroneal Nerve, Sural Nerve and Saphenous Nerve.
  • Neural Tissue Mobilization.

High Velocity Thrust (HVT)

Principle of Manipulation, palpation, assessment, diagnosis, planning of appropriate technique for Upper Cervical Spine, Lower Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine, Lumbar Spine.


A. Principles of Taping

B. Preparation, Preventive & therapeutic taping for

  • Cervical spine
  • Thoracic Spine
  • Lumbar Spine
  • Sacroiliac Joint
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Hand
  • Fingers
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Foot & Ankle

using integrated approach of Mulligan, McConnell, and sports taping. 

Radiological Assessment & Its Interpretation for Physiotherapist

X-Rays & MRI of Neuromusculoskeletal system. Interpretation of finding & its clinical correlation related to Manual Therapy assessment & treatment.

About the Instructor


Dr. Deepak Kumar

Director & Sr. Consultant Manual Physical Therapist
Certified McConnell Concept Teacher
Former Mulligan Concept Teacher
Visiting Consultant Physiotherapist Al Qasimmi Hospital, and Khorfakkan Hospital by Emirates Health Services (EHS), Govt of UAE
Accredited International Manual Therapy Instructor for Federation of State Board of Physical Therapy (FSBPT), USA

  • Certified McConnell Concept Teacher by McConnell Institute, Australia
  • Former certified Mulligan’s Concept Teacher MCTA (2004-2015).
  • Clinical teacher & examiner to various Universities in North India for Graduate & Postgraduate programs.
  • Has an excellent background in teaching, research, & clinical management skills.
  • Heading chain of Spine Clinics in Delhi NCR Specialised in Spinal Manual Therapy & Physiotherapy.
  • A Teacher: Delivered more than 250 workshops and Trained more than 15,000 students (in last 25 years) from various reputed institutes from India & abroad including USA, Canada, Middle East, Far East & SAARC Countries. Member of Board of study & Examiner in various reputed Universities & Institutions.
  • A Researcher: Made 12 inventions in manual therapy, electrotherapy, & exercise therapy. Guided 53 research projects & still growing. Presented 34 papers in various state/ national & international conferences like IFOMT and WCPT etc., bagged 9 best papers & six 1st runner up awards. Published 5 papers in reputed Journals. The new techniques are published in Mulligan’s 5th & 6th edn. Book, Contributor in The Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy: Text book of techniques (An international book published by Churchill Livingstone, Elsevier). Author of book on Mulligan Concept “Manual of Mulligan Concept” 1st edn. Sept 2014, Reprint Feb. 2015 (Best Seller on AMAZON & also translated in Korean, Chinese & Russian Languages).
  • A Professional: Treated 1,00,000 patients in the last 30 years (together with team). Administrating more than 60 professionals & supporting staff as Director of Capri Institute of Manual Therapy & HOD physiotherapy at Sant Parmanand Hospital, Delhi. Attended hundreds of workshops / CME by National & International faculties. Given 2 TV interviews (live) on physiotherapy in June 2004 & in July 2004. Delivered more than 250 CME / workshops / conferences including International Conf. on Manual Therapy INTERCOMAT 2005, INTERCOMAT 2006, INTERCOMAT 2013 and 1st International Certified Mulligan Concept Practitioner conference CMPCON 2014.
  • Visiting Consultant Physiotherapist Al Qasimmi Hospital, and Khorfakkan Hospital by Emirates Health Services (EHS), UAE
  • E.C. member in Indian Association of Sports Medicine (1999-2001).
  • Convener National Secretariat & Council act Committee (IAP CEC 2006-08).
  • President of Indian Association of Sports Physiotherapist (2006-08).
  • Chief Editor International Journal of Physical Therapy.
  • Recipient of Distinguished Service Award by IAP (2006).
  • Recipient of Fellowship by IAP (2010).
  • Visiting Faculty in Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka.
  • Visiting Faculty in Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai.
  • E.C. member in Society of Indian Physiotherapists (2015-17).