Online COMT : Spine

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Course Syllabus

Online COMT : Spine

  • Introduction to Manual Therapy
  • Clinical Anatomy and Biomechanics of Spine
  • How to Read MRI of Spine from Physio Point of View
  • Palpation of Spine
  • Segmental Examination of Spine
  • Passive ROM and Active ROM of Spine
  • Passive Accessory Glide for Spine Assessment
  • Combined Movement Assessment of Spine
  • Combined Movement Treatment of Spine
  • Common Conditions of Spine & Their Differential Diagnosis
  • Mobilisation of Cervical Spine (Integrated Approach)
  • Mobilisation of Thoracic Spine (Integrated Approach)
  • Mobilisation of Lumbar Spine (Integrated Approach)
  • Mobilisation of Thoracic Cage (integrated Approach)
  • Neural Tissue Assessment and Palpation
  • Neural Tissue Treatment and Mobilisation